Proven track record
Kavish + Kavish is a marketing-driven graphic design and brand consulting firm with offices in Portland, OR and Santa Barbara, CA. The core team, Michael and Kimberly Kavish (brother and sister) have over 60 years of experience collectively in consumer and business-to-business design and marketing, creating memorable solutions for collateral, website design, packaging, corporate identity, magazine/book publishing, logo design, tradeshows, direct mail, event marketing and advertising. We have also done an extensive amount of work for non-profits and their unique marketing challenges.

In addition to our core expertise we work closely with a team of other proven creative and production professionals to expand to the meet the needs of the project. We assess each project and bring together a custom team depending on the project scope or requirements. It makes us extremely flexible and you don't get to pay for overhead you don't need.

We started as a business-to-business advertising agency (for ten years) and reformed to focus on consumer products and packaging. We co-founded GamePro (a youth-oriented, video game magazine) in 1989, and help build it into the #1 magazine in the market. Since 1994 we have been involved with a number of established companies refining their brands as well as laying the marketing and graphic groundwork for startups.

We like to say we've "been there, done that" so you don't have to.

It's all about results
Unlike some design firms who sell design for design sake, our approaches are always results-oriented -- firmly connected to the client's marketing and sales goals creating a measurable link to a project's performance and success.

We figure you're more interested in a marketing effort's positive effect on your bottom line than how beautiful it looks or how many design awards it wins. It's called accountability and it's the only way we work.

We understand the meaning of service. We know everyone claims they're service oriented, but we both know it just isn't always true. You either have the work ethic or you don't.

And we feel that part of any good design solution is being detail-oriented enough to keep the project on time and on budget -- it's the best way we know of buildi long-term relationships with our clients.

So, check out our work and give us a call at 650.208.9147 or email michael@kavish.com.

We love a challenge and you'll love the results.